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Our office is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please use this Calendly Link to schedule an appointment. 如果你需要在这些时间之外安排预约,请打电话给医生. Isaac Falcon Campos at (913) 621-8732 or email him here.


Student Resources

职业服务中心在这里帮助学生在毕业后将他们的技能和激情引向一个令人满意的职业. 我们提供帮助学生识别自己技能的服务, 探索职业机会,为未来的工作准备材料;

  • Mock interviews
  • Job and internship fairs with local employers
  • Career planning
  • Resume workshops
  • 专业技能培养——如何发送专业的电子邮件, interview attire, writing cover letters, communicating with employers, etc.
  • Sharing job and internship opportunities


Search jobs posted at our school!

lpl下注使用学院中央网络作为其官方简历和职位发布服务. This exclusive site can be accessed 24/7 here or by clicking the icon above. Students can:

  • 申请专门为学生发布的工作和实习机会, 并通过Jobs Central和Intern Central(全国求职网站)寻找其他机会。.
  • 为雇主创建并上传你的简历和职业作品集.
  • 访问Donnelly的活动日历和职业/求职文档,播客,视频等.

**如果您有兴趣申请Donnellu的全职或兼职讲师职位, visit our Careers page.

Community Partner Resources


Each semester, Donnelly hosts a Job and Internship Fair, 20多家雇主为学生提供兼职和全职工作和实习机会, some with free training and tuition reimbursement. 对于雇主来说,这是一个很好的机会,他们可以在学生面前摆出一个展台,展示他们希望雇佣大学生的组织.

如果你是一名招聘经理,并希望与唐纳利的学生分享你的lpl下注, please email

Community Partners:           

  • Capital Federal Bank
  • Claridge Court
  • Geico
  • Groundwork Northeast Revitalization Group
  • GSP Retail
  • Harbor Hospice of Kansas
  • Kansas City Public Library
  • Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools
  • KCKPD Police Athletic League
  • Learning Club
  • Lifespace Communities
  • Mattie Rhodes Center

Community Partners continued:

  • Metropolitan Energy Center
  • Metropolitan Security Company
  • New York Life - El Centro Inc.
  • Rosedale Development Association
  • Security Bank
  • Swope Health Services
  • Turner Animal Hospital
  • Turner Recreation Commission
  • Unified Government of WYCO/KCK
  • Unified Government Public Health Department
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 7

Job & Internship Fair Participants:

  • American Family Insurance
  • Bickford at Mission Springs
  • Catholic Charities of NE Kansas
  • Cintas
  • Claridge Court
  • Cornerstones of Care
  • First Student Transport
  • Groundwork Northeast
  • Kansas City Public Library


Job & Internship Fair Participants:

  • Liberty Tax
  • Mattie Rhodes Center
  • Overland Park Police Department
  • QuikTrip
  • Security Bank of Kansas City
  • Shawnee Gardens
  • Sunpro Solar
  • Unified Government
  • YMCA of Greater Kansas City


Student Internships & Paid Positions


唐纳利赞助的带薪实习机会每个学年都有. Email Career Services to learn more.

On-Campus Jobs

唐纳利有很多校内就业机会. 要获取申请材料和职位描述,请访问 Financial Aid web page 然后点击“体验式学习/工作学习”选项卡.

Apply for Internships!

What can you get from an internship? 
  • Valuable work experience
  • The opportunity to explore a career path
  • An edge in the job market
  • Marketable professional skills
  • A network of professionals in your field
  • Confidence
  • A full-time job!
Not all internships lead directly to a job, 但许多雇主认为这些经历是大学项目的重要组成部分. 要想在就业市场上真正具有竞争力,实习是重要的一步. Some of them even provide you with a paycheck!
If you are interested in an internship opportunity, 定期到2楼的就业服务中心或本页查询. 在申请前仔细检查截止日期和申请要求,并LPL外围网址 Dr. Isaac Falcon Campos with questions.

Internship search tools


如欲查询实习机会,请电邮至 or click below to set up an appointment.

Online Services

  • Glassdoor for Students这个在线职业社区允许求职者浏览公司评论, salaries, and interview information on over 340,000 companies submitted by actual employees. Students can also search job and internship postings. 通过Donnelly网站链接可以免费进入这项服务. In addition to reviews and information, Glassdoor是一个帮助你寻找工作和实习机会的好工具.

  • Jooble这个在线工具旨在帮助大学生在世界各地找到工作机会. 该网站只包含值得信赖的雇主,它是非常友好的. According to SimilarWeb, Jooble是世界上“工作与就业”版块访问量排名前十的网站之一. The site is used daily by millions of people.

  • Zip Recruiter is another online job board. Click here for job opportunities in Kansas City. Click here for internship opportunities.

  • Career Cruising:这款职业发展软件为您提供了确定和追求目标的资源. Donnelly students have access to Career Matchmaker 评估,并可以创建一个免费的在线档案,允许他们探索工作描述和职业道路. 要获得访问Career Cruising的用户名和密码, email Career Services and request one. Then, 与我们进行后续预约,讨论您的评估结果和接下来的步骤.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Kansas Occupational Outlook Data

Resume Templates

Cover Letter Templates and Examples

Resume and Cover Letter Help and Advice

Need more information? Contact:

Photo of Dr. Isaac Falcon-Campos '10

Dr. Isaac Falcon-Campos '10

Director of Academic Support

注:如果你是雇主,有兴趣在唐纳利招聘或与我们合作,为我们的学生发展实习, please contact Dr. Isaac Falcon Campos at You can also send job postings to us at Thanks for your interest in Donnelly!